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Second ODEF Workshop

ODEF proudly invites you to attend:

The Second Workshop of the

South Coast Debate Initiative Series

December 10th 2011

Coquille High School


Please join us December 10th for a free debate workshop! Any experience level, age, or school is welcome!

Missed our first workshop? We’ll have activities for true novices and people who have been to a few tournaments.

Sign up here to let us know you’re interested!


Sprague High Success for ODEF alums

Congratulations to Coquille for a killer performance at Sprague High School this weekend. The team – competing at its second tournament ever – won first and second place in novice policy.

Kaitlyn Dixon and Mariyam Suleman were the top team, winning first and fifth place speaker respectively. This is Kaitlyn’s second tournament win (making her 100% in tournaments attended and won… with two different partners) and Mariyam is an exchange student from Pakistan this year at CHS. Both attended ODEF’s first workshop at Bandon High School.

Wow. Just…wow.

Join ODEF and the Coquille debate team at next month’s summit. We’ll be at Coquille High School on December 10th. Any student, parent, or coach is welcome to attend.

Big congrats to Coquille High!