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ODEF’s Second South Coast Workshop

Thanks to everyone who could make it this weekend to ODEF’s winter workshop in the South Coast Debate series! Representatives from Coquille, Bandon, and North Bend made it to Coquille HS for a workshop on CX debate.

We covered:

1) How to ask (and answer) killer Cross Examination questions – students tried to keep their cool under pressure, and we learned about the evil of questions that start with “isn’t it true that…”

2) How to analyze opponents’ evidence – we talked about how to research evidence and how to point out flaws in your opponents’ evidence, even when you don’t have any evidence on the topic.

3) How to weigh impacts – we learned how to make effective comparisons for judges in rebuttals.

All in all it was a fabulous day of work.

Remember that the second part of the workshop is the free tournament at Coquille High School on January 7th. Anyone who wants to give debate a try is strongly encouraged to attend, even brand new competitors. You can research your own evidence, or we have a starter set available for everyone! Hope to see you there!

Nathan Highsmith (North Bend) cross-examines Mariyam Suleman (Coquille)

Mariyam answers a question from Nathan

Alexis Battle! Alexis Ladig (Coquille) reads, Alexis Busso (Bandon) prepares her questions.

Jake from Coquille cross-examines Rachel Mosley

Kaitlyn Dixon (Coquille) and Michael Hobson (North Bend) compare notes while analyzing evidence


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