ODEF Tournament #2 – Coquille HS

Big thanks to Coquille for letting us use their school for the second ODEF tournament. This was our first independent debate-only gathering and it did not disappoint.

First time competitors Alexis Busso and Wlnsvey Campos of Bandon HS came out on top this time! Using a case they researched about deflection of asteroids, they were undefeated on the day. Good work girls, and best of luck at the rest of the tournaments this year!

Top three speakers received ODEF expandos – congratulations to: 3rd speaker Alexis Ladig of Coquille; 2nd speaker Mariyam Suleiman of Coquille; and 1st speaker Wlnsvey Campos of Bandon!

Thumbs up from Coquille's Jake Skretting

Bandon Busso/Campos plotting

Coquille's Kaitlyn Dixon and Mariyam Suleiman get judges' feedback

CHS' Alexis Ladig takes a question from a Bandon-Coquille hybrid team Gritzbach/Smith

ODEF - Jan 12 Coquille HS


1 Response to “ODEF Tournament #2 – Coquille HS”

  1. 1 Live Love Laugh March 1, 2012 at 7:28 am

    That was a great learning experience!! (:

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