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OSAA State Championships

Congratulations and good luck to all of the students that worked with ODEF qualifying to the state tournament!

Qualified to State Championships in policy debate –

Bandon BC – Alexis Busso and Wlnsvey Campos

Coquille LS – Alexis Ladig and Mariyam Suleiman

Thurston DS – Austin Dillon and Aaron Smart

Thurston PK – Edie Powell and Andrew Kronser

And of course good luck to all the ODEF alums who qualified in IEs and Student Congress! We’ll see you this weekend.


ODEF Tournament #2 – Coquille HS

Big thanks to Coquille for letting us use their school for the second ODEF tournament. This was our first independent debate-only gathering and it did not disappoint.

First time competitors Alexis Busso and Wlnsvey Campos of Bandon HS came out on top this time! Using a case they researched about deflection of asteroids, they were undefeated on the day. Good work girls, and best of luck at the rest of the tournaments this year!

Top three speakers received ODEF expandos – congratulations to: 3rd speaker Alexis Ladig of Coquille; 2nd speaker Mariyam Suleiman of Coquille; and 1st speaker Wlnsvey Campos of Bandon!

Thumbs up from Coquille's Jake Skretting

Bandon Busso/Campos plotting

Coquille's Kaitlyn Dixon and Mariyam Suleiman get judges' feedback

CHS' Alexis Ladig takes a question from a Bandon-Coquille hybrid team Gritzbach/Smith

ODEF - Jan 12 Coquille HS

Sign up for the Coquille HS Cross-X tournament here!

Join us for our free tournament at Coquille High School to get some practice in CX debate! Join us January 7th from 9:30 am to 6 pm. We’ll be providing lunch and three rounds of competition, plus finals and cool awards for teams and top speakers.

Anyone who would like to give debate a try is welcome to attend, even if you haven’t been to one of our workshops. A free evidence set will be available here for download on December 23rd.

Teams: Please send an email to with your team info. Send us a list of entries with your school and first and last names. If you are interested in using your own researched evidence at the tournament, please let us know so we can prepare accordingly. Entries are due by January 4th, 2011.

Judges: Anyone interested in judging novice to intermediate CX debate please send your name and availability to

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ODEF’s Second South Coast Workshop

Thanks to everyone who could make it this weekend to ODEF’s winter workshop in the South Coast Debate series! Representatives from Coquille, Bandon, and North Bend made it to Coquille HS for a workshop on CX debate.

We covered:

1) How to ask (and answer) killer Cross Examination questions – students tried to keep their cool under pressure, and we learned about the evil of questions that start with “isn’t it true that…”

2) How to analyze opponents’ evidence – we talked about how to research evidence and how to point out flaws in your opponents’ evidence, even when you don’t have any evidence on the topic.

3) How to weigh impacts – we learned how to make effective comparisons for judges in rebuttals.

All in all it was a fabulous day of work.

Remember that the second part of the workshop is the free tournament at Coquille High School on January 7th. Anyone who wants to give debate a try is strongly encouraged to attend, even brand new competitors. You can research your own evidence, or we have a starter set available for everyone! Hope to see you there!

Nathan Highsmith (North Bend) cross-examines Mariyam Suleman (Coquille)

Mariyam answers a question from Nathan

Alexis Battle! Alexis Ladig (Coquille) reads, Alexis Busso (Bandon) prepares her questions.

Jake from Coquille cross-examines Rachel Mosley

Kaitlyn Dixon (Coquille) and Michael Hobson (North Bend) compare notes while analyzing evidence

Sprague High Success for ODEF alums

Congratulations to Coquille for a killer performance at Sprague High School this weekend. The team – competing at its second tournament ever – won first and second place in novice policy.

Kaitlyn Dixon and Mariyam Suleman were the top team, winning first and fifth place speaker respectively. This is Kaitlyn’s second tournament win (making her 100% in tournaments attended and won… with two different partners) and Mariyam is an exchange student from Pakistan this year at CHS. Both attended ODEF’s first workshop at Bandon High School.

Wow. Just…wow.

Join ODEF and the Coquille debate team at next month’s summit. We’ll be at Coquille High School on December 10th. Any student, parent, or coach is welcome to attend.

Big congrats to Coquille High!

South Coast Invitational Results

The South Coast Invitational, run by Bandon and North Bend High Schools, was kind enough to host ODEF’s first tournament, a novice CX division. Teams from Bandon, North Bend, and Coquille competed and amazed in their first tournament ever.

Each of the schools was totally new to the event, and Coquille had a brand new team after a many-year hiatus from Forensics. Big congratulations to Coquille Coach Caron Newman and Coquille Kaitlyn Dixon/Claire Beery, who won their first tournament! There’s a bright future ahead for this program.

Congrats also to North Bend Nathan Highsmith/Michael Hobson, who got second place. North Bend did tons of original research to support their Solar Power Satellites Affirmative.

A big thank you to all the judges and coaches that made it happen! Lots of judges were excited to hear about the return of accessible policy debate to the state of Oregon and were willing judges and supporters.

Please join us for our second workshop and tournament combo series. The workshop is Saturday December 10th and the tournament will take place in January, both at Coquille High School.

First South Coast Debate Workshop a success

Thanks so much to everyone who came to our workshop in Bandon on Saturday Sept. 24th!

As promised, here’s the evidence set available for download to your computer.

Forty people participated in our workshop, including parents, teachers and student from Marshfield and North Bend, Bandon, and Coquille. Bandon is new to the debate side of Forensics, and Coquille has a brand new team this year!

Students had discussions and debates about outer space, education, and the policy debate topic this year and shared their forensics experience with Rachel Mosley and Hank Fields of ODEF.

We covered the basics and many myths about policy debate. People contributed their thoughts about education, the US debt, Keynesian economics, Pakistan, and the space race. Who knew that high schoolers were so smart these days? Must be something in the water over there.

If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry! You’re still welcome to download the evidence set and join us at the first tournament on October 8th at North Bend High School. We’ll be having another free workshop in Coquille on December 10th for the next step or for new folks who are interested.

Bandon vs. North Bend

Coquille vs. Marshfield